Certified Voice Interaction and Conversational AI Designer | Audio Editor | Audio Recordist | Sound Designer | Audio Mixer.

I’m Adam, a Certified Voice Interaction and Conversational AI Designer. I’m on a mission to help create better interactions between humans and technology, utilising the power of conversation. With the world constantly changing, I am fuelled by my passion for understanding how we can use technology to our advantage, to design and create seamless user experiences through Voice and Conversational AI design.

With a background in Audio Engineering and Production, I have produced sound design for documentaries, films, digital marketing campaigns, and promotional content. I have been lucky enough to have previously worked for RamsTV; Derby County Football Club's in-house production company, based in the UK, where I worked as the lead Audio Broadcast Mixer, streaming matches and live broadcasts to fans around the world.

Originally from England, I moved to Montreal in January 2020 to begin a new challenge in Canada. With a large focus on my own self and professional development, I became incredibly excited to learn about the world of Conversation Design and have completed my certification in Voice Interaction and Conversation Design, with the Digital Assistant Academy. 


If you want to find out about my experiences, check out my LinkedIn, I’m always happy to connect.